I was chosen by the brand Keep It Wild to be a Wild Keeper for their Spring term. The goal for Wild Keepers is to actively promote sustainable outdoor recreation and clean up trash from our local area. I’ve always loved Keep It Wild because they make the comfiest t-shirts with the cutest outdoorsy themed graphics. On top of that, a portion of every purchase is donated to an active project or organization that is working to clean up our public lands. When I found out about their program all I had to do was sign up online. From there, we are placed into groups with team mentors and communicate with each other via the instant messaging app Telegram. As a Wild Keeper, I volunteer my time 3x a term on what we call “Impact Days”, to clean up trash from our parks and public lands. A nice perk we get for volunteering is a great discount on their merch. But probably the coolest part of it all is seeing how big of a difference we can make together. Between myself and the other volunteers, we picked up over 8,000 lbs of trash during this last clean up! How amazing is that?! Next Impact Day is April 22nd – Earth Day! So, I’d like to encourage my readers to get outside and make an impact in your own community. Plant some flowers, ride your bike or walk instead of drive, shop at your local farmer’s market, and If you see some trash – pick it up! <3