Guys, we have officially made it through Acacia’s first year of life and I’m now the mama of a “toddler”. It’s such a bittersweet feeling – I partly want her to stay my baby, while the other half of me is excited to watch how much she’ll grow over this next year. It feels like these last 12 months went by in a split second and took a hundred years all at once. Between my postpartum complications and Dustin crashing his motorcycle, we only had 3 trips to the emergency room and since none of them were for Acacia…overall I’d say that it’s been a pretty successful year. 😉

When my brother and I were kids, my mom would bake us our birthday cakes from scratch every year. Because I wanted to keep the family tradition going (but mostly because I procrastinated on ordering a cake), I decided to have a go at baking for the first time since Middle School Home-EC class and create Acacia’s unicorn themed birthday cake(s) all on my own. Okay so not all on my own…my best friend, Nicole, was amazing enough to spend an entire day baking Acacia’s smash cake and showing me the ropes, so that I could make the big Unicorn cake for her party.

I guess that unicorns are popular lately because there is no shortage of DIY tutorials on Pinterest teaching you how to decorate a unicorn cake. As you might have suspected, our cakes didn’t end up looking near as extravagant as the ones from the tutorials but I was still pretty proud of myself for trying and they actually tasted really yummy! But between you and me, I’m going to order a custom cake for her 2nd birthday a head of time…that or a good old fashioned ice cream cake from Cold Stone will do the trick because baking a cake is a lot harder than it seems, people. Props mom, I don’t know how you did it every year. <3

We did Acacia’s smash cake the morning before her party because I knew that it would end in tears and a much-needed bath. She was not too happy about getting the sticky frosting all over her and was over it after 5 minutes. A lot of family and friends came to the party and it was so much fun watching Acacia play with cousins and kids close to her own age. We attempted to play a game of “pin the horn on the unicorn” but all the kids were so young, they didn’t seem too interested. Noted. No games until they’re older. We also hung a unicorn piñata for the kids to bust open. Luckily, breaking things for fun and eating candy is enjoyable for anyone, no matter what age you are so that one was a success. When it finally came time to sing happy birthday, it took CC a second to realize that everyone was singing to her but as soon as she did, she got so embarrassed and looked down the entire time. It was the cutest thing ever!
I wanted to share some pics from her smash cake photoshoot and birthday party with you guys.
I also want to hear how your little ones’ first birthday went! What was the theme? Did you bake a cake too? Was it everything you imagined or was it a complete disaster? Comment your experiences below so we can compare stories!