The day before Christmas Eve, I had a last minute engagement photoshoot for a family friend. My parents watched Acacia for the day while Dustin and I took a trip to his mom’s house 3 hours away. There are quite a few cute, small towns that you pass through on the way but our favorite place to stop is this antique store right on the side of highway 95 called The Bottomless Pit. It’s owned by a friendly couple named Gordy and Nera, who opened “the pit” together about 8 years ago as a side project. Gordy was telling us how they’re both the type of people who can’t drive past a garage sale without stopping and buying something, so they began to accumulate a lot of cool antiques and collectibles over the years. That’s when they decided to open The Bottomless Pit.

I’ve picked up a lot of awesome decor and gifts for people there, like a framed newspaper clipping from the 1800’s with an add for the Santa Fe Railroad, a kokopelli vase, an old heart shaped locket, and a vintage wine box from Italy. They have a lot of legit collectables there for really good deals because they are doing it for the passion, not the money. It’s definitely a place worth stopping if you collect antiques or if you’re ever just passing through.