I’ve always loved New Year’s and the symbolism of having a fresh start. It’s a chance for me to reflect back on the past year, what I’ve accomplished, and what I could improve on. Like many, I try to set new goals and expectations for myself. It leaves me feeling energized, transformed, and ready to take on the new year. I wanted to share some resolutions that I have floating around inside my head. It’s my way of not only perhaps inspiring some of you to write your own, but also my way of keeping a list for myself to look back on next year and see if I made any progress.

  1. Become more confident in myself in all aspects of my life, especially as an artist and during my journey through motherhood. I often let my insecurities get the best of me and I start thinking really negatively about myself, so I want to change that. I’m trying to channel the “f*** what everyone else thinks” attitude that I had back when I was a teenager.
  2. I really want to work on being a more structured and organized person. Anyone who knows me personally probably read that and laughed out loud to themselves…but I truly want and need more structure in my life! I’m always late and procrastinating on things and it just ends up causing me more unnecessary stress at the end of the day.
  3. Be active. Before I had Acacia, everyone told me that I would hardly gain any weight because I was so skinny. That didn’t happen, I gained 40 lbs. Everyone also told me that I would easily lose my baby weight since it was my first pregnancy. That didn’t happen either. I wasn’t back down to my pre-pregnancy weight until about two months ago. My point is, that I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consistently workout 3-4 days a week. No strict diet or workout routine, just be a healthy and active person. I think that’s a realistic goal for me. Being overweight left me feeling out of balance and contributed to my postpartum depression a lot because I felt like I was never going to be healthy or feel like myself again. I never want to let myself get that unmotivated and unhealthy again. I also know that your health only gets harder to maintain the older you get, so I want to make it a habit while I’m younger.
  4. Get outside. This goes hand in hand with number 3, because I want to incorporate a lot more hiking into my active lifestyle. It’s always been a weekend or every-other-weekend kind of activity for us, but we have so much close access to foothills and mountains that I want to make it part of our weekly routine. I also bought a new hiking carrier for Acacia that I’m really excited about trying!
  5. I’m going to work on being a more patient person and not taking my bad days out on my family. I recently realized that we often treat the ones we love the worst. The people we love are the ones who see the ugliest side of us because we are at our most vulnerable around them. Being vulnerable is okay. But treating others badly because of your vulnerabilities is not. It’s something I really need to work on, so I’m going to be more conscious of how I treat the people around me.
  6. Work on my posture. This is kind of a random one, but I have the worst posture ever. My chiropractor said my neck is unaligned from slouching over so much. I need to be more conscious about sitting and standing up straight!!
  7. Collaborate more. Last year I worked with a lot of great companies. I want to continue to work with brands and allow myself to work with other bloggers. Hopefully this will bring more interesting content to the blog this year.

What are your New Year resolutions?!

xx, Chanel