I’ve probably said it a million times, but I’m so stoked for Acacia’s first Christmas!! It marks the beginning of many years to come of playing Santa and holiday traditions, new and old. It’s true when they say the spirit of Christmas lies in the heart of children (“they” as in a movie a heard it in once). But in my opinion it’s totally true because their excitement and belief in the unbelievable are part of what makes this time of year so special. I probably only feel this way because I had the best childhood as far a Christmas goes. Not on account of all the presents, although that was pretty awesome too. But because my parents took the idea of Santa to a whole new level. I believed until about 3rd grade when I started getting into fights with the kids at school about it. You can thank my dad who would write me detailed page-long letters from Santa, his elves, and all the reindeer every single year. I even distinctly remember being so excited one year because the letter read that Rudolph came into my room and gave me a kiss on the cheek while I was sleeping…ultra cheesy, I know. And slightly creepy, yes. But those are some of my most treasured childhood memories and I can’t wait to watch CC create her own!

As far as traditions go, my family has always done the X-mas pjs thing. My mom would buy them for us and then we’d open them on Christmas Eve. We also have a special breakfast called Egg Julian, that we only make on Christmas morning. The whole family comes over after opening presents and we chow down! Since we also have Dustin’s side of the family to visit over the holidays, it’ll be the start of some new traditions as well. This year, I couldn’t resist these matching cactus-wearing-santa-hat pjs from VS because well, cactuses!! They’re my fav plant and remind me of our road trips through Southern Utah and Arizona. I bought Acacia some cute holiday print jammies with penguins and snowflakes on them…actually if I’m being honest here, I actually bought her like 6 pairs of different Christmas pjs and we’ve just been rotating through them every-night. 😉

I want to hear what your holiday traditions are! Please share in the comments. <3