While we were in Riggins over Thanksgiving, we all made it a point to wake up early and go Christmas tree hunting! I had never done anything like this before, so it was “first” for all of us. All bundled up, we drove into the mountains in search of our first family tree! Acacia loves hiking…and being outside…and dogs. So, when we got her out of the car to walk around and she saw her cousins’ dog running and barking, she was in absolute heaven. You can see how happy she is in the photos. We didn’t need a huge tree this year, so I picked out the perfect Charlie Brown tree for us. I even tried sawing it down myself! But, according to Dustin, I try cutting too hard…so after about a minute I was already exhausted and let his step-dad take over for me. 😉
I always love visiting Riggins – it’s one of my favorite places in Idaho. I especially love that Acacia is going to grow up visiting her Grandparents there; that she’ll experience exciting things and a wilder, yet more simple lifestyle.