Hey everyone! As I write this, Acacia is inside her jumper in the doorway of our room talking and giggling quietly to herself. She cracks me up. This last week has been a rough one for me as a mom. I’ve been putting off moving Acacia into her own room even though my bed recommended it around the time she turned 6 months…but this week we finally did it. I’m crying on the inside as I type this but she’s done pretty good so far. I think that I’ve had a harder time adjusting to not having her right beside our bed. I instinctually wake up a few times a night to go check on her. OK, but that’s not all. We finally enrolled her into daycare and she started her first day on Monday! Now I’m crying in real life. There are probably parents reading this and laughing at me, like my boyfriend for instance. But I cannot help it! I definitely take after my mom as a parent…meaning that I cry over everything, worry about everything, and have an attachment problem. (sorry mom, but it’s true). All this new time apart has got me all emotional and giving her extra cuddles this week.

In other news, over the weekend we went to an art show for the BFA students at my school. It was rad and everyone made incredible work! Dustin and I also had an evening alone together so we went to dinner and did some shopping. I’ve already been buying Christmas presents for Acacia whenever we go out because I know I’m going to want to go all out for her first year and there’s no way that’ll happen if I wait until last minute to shop, like I usually do. I hope you all had a good weekend!

Lace Dress – Tobi
Faux Leather Jacket – ASOS