Hey Everyone! On our days off we’ve been taking walks around the neighborhood a lot more than usual because the leaves are incredible right now and I don’t want to miss them before they fall! Our entire town is filled with vibrant red, orange, and yellow trees. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Also, Acacia thinks the dogs are hilarious when they walk with us – and I love that she loves them. I didn’t have my first official dog until about 6th grade, so I don’t know what it’s like growing up in a house full of dogs like she will. I say “official” because we probably went through about 3 dogs that my parents ended up giving away before we settled on Roxxi, because they would buy dogs we didn’t have time to train. But I can imagine having a dog from the time you’re a baby and growing up with it forms a pretty special bond.

In other news, I’m writing this post while the church shooting in Texas is unfolding. I don’t mean to turn this post into a somber or political one, but my heart is breaking for those families right now. My thoughts, prayers, and good vibes go out to all those effected. Sometimes I’m in shock that we are letting violent acts like this become a normal occurrence in our country. It’s truly sad that we live in a world where I go to the grocery store with my daughter and the thought occasionally crosses my mind “what if something like that happened right now?”, then I run through a quick emergency plan in my head. Some people might say that’s a little paranoid, because it probably is. But I feel like I see something about a shooting or terrorist attack almost every other day and I know I can’t be the only worrying parent that does it.

I should probably end on a lighter note, so I’ll tell you guys about mine and Dustin’s date night we had a few weeks ago. Since we never get to go out and do “adult related” things anymore, we sometimes like to use our date nights to go drink, eat food, and play pool at a dive bar somewhere rather than have your average – go out to dinner and a movie – kind of date. This is in contrast to the date nights where we do “kid related” things that we aren’t able to do with Acacia yet, like go-cart racing and laser tag. 😉 We got a babysitter for Acacia and went out to our favorite dive bar in town. It’s small, smokey, and they have a karaoke night which is really fun to watch. I failed horribly at our game of darts, as usual, but surprisingly won our game of pool! I’ve never gotten drunk enough to sing karaoke and probably never will…but if I ever do, I’ll definitely be sure to not share it with you guys. We Uber’d our way home as usual, but this time we decided to spontaneously stop by a local tattoo shop that was still open at 2 AM to get tattoos! MUSE Tattoo was doing a promotion for Friday the 13th. They are just small, silly ones but I love them so much. I got an alien spaceship! If any of you know me personally, then it makes perfect sense. I just love aliens and have sentimental memories tied to them. It was such a fun and memorable date night – definitely one of my favorites so far! Maybe I’ll share photos of our tattoos in a future post.


Always take time to have fun.
Until next time, friends.

xx, Chanel




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