I hope you all had a safe Halloween!
This year was special for our family, of course, because it was Acacia’s first!
I ended up procrastinating on her costume and didn’t dress her up as a baby deer like I had originally planned because Pottery Barn Kids had sold out of her size. I started to panic the weekend before Halloween when I had no costumes for any of us to wear. When I was rummaging through the dogs’ pile of clothes and costumes (yes, I’m that person. Don’t judge me.) I found an old ladybug costume that belonged to my childhood dog, Roxxi. She wore it the year before we had to put her down, so we kept it because of sentimental value. I remembered that Acacia had a red tutu from the 4th of July and instantly decided that for Acacia’s 1st Halloween, her and the pups would all be ladybugs in Roxxi’s honor. I also liked the idea of making her costume myself for her first year because my mom had done the same thing for me!

I went to the craft store and bought black and red pom poms, red pipe cleaners, black lace, and a headband. My mom insisted that she needed wings, which I had totally forgot about, so she went to the costume shop and bought a cute little pair of ladybug wings for her that I just pinned on her shirt. I glued the black pom poms all over her tutu and wrapped the black lace around the headband to completely cover it because the only one I could find that fit her was a blue headband that didn’t match her costume. After that, I wrapped the red pipe cleaner around the existing antennae on the headband and glued sparkly red pom poms to the end…and viola! Her first costume! It was going to be a cold night, so I dressed her in black tights and the cutest black turtleneck from Babies R Us. It was such a simple costume and she was adorable! Especially with her doggy dynamic-duo by her side also dressed as ladybugs.

Dustin and I weren’t dressed as anything this year, but I keep telling myself next year I’m going to go all out with our family costumes. We’ll see if that ever becomes a reality. Either way it was a great Halloween. My brother and his girlfriend hung out and Dustin’s sis came over with her boys, so Acacia got to go trick-or-treating with her cousins for her first time! They were all so cute together – a baby skunk, wolf, and ladybug. We only went around the block because the boys were tired before we even started and CC was getting cold. Then we came home and ate candy while we watched classic scary movies on AMC.

Did any of you do anything special for Halloween? Have you made your own costumes before?
Comment below, because I need ideas for our costumes next year and I want to hear what you all did for Halloween!

xx, Chanel