Hey everyone! Over the weekend I had free time to write out some thank you cards to send to my family for throwing me and Acacia a baby shower. I wanted the cards to have a similar theme as her boho style cake and cookies, with feathers and whimsical vibe to them. Basic Invite has an enormous selection of party invitations and thank you cards, which made it easy to find exactly what I was looking for. All I did was search “feather” on their site and the cutest card with flowers and a feather came up. Done and done. You can personally customize the colors of your invitations, choosing from over 180 different color options and they also let you choose the finish of the envelope! I picked colors that matched her baby shower and chose a shimmery finish for the envelopes. I sat there for a good 30 minutes playing around with different color combinations – it was so much fun! But my favorite part about Basic Invite is that it’s one of the only websites that will actually send you a free sample of your invitations so you can make sure they are exactly what you want before you purchase them. I’ve already been looking at their first birthday invitations for Acacia’s 1st coming up in March!




xx, Chanel





*Post sponsored by Basic Invite