Almost immediately after we got home from our long road trip to California, we packed right back up, got in the car, and headed for Oregon. This time it was a girl’s trip! Just me, Acacia, my mom, and grandma – four generations on the road together. <3
Our destination: my uncle and his family’s new house just outside of Reedsport, where they own a few acres nestled in a meadow between the mountains. His property is only a few miles from an elk refuge so we got to wake up to elk grazing in the yard every morning. We usually all get together for a family camping trip but since it wasn’t in the cards for this year, my mom and I decided to pitch a tent and camp out in the yard with Acacia…I still consider it her first camping trip even though we were 50 feet from the house. 😉
I also did my cousin’s senior photos while we were there! The Oregon Coast is prime location for photoshoots. You couldn’t find ugly or uninteresting scenery even if you tried. My cousin was such a champ and warmed up to the camera really fast which made my job a whole lot easier. The photos turned out beautiful and I’m so happy that I was able to do them for her!



Safe Travels,
xx Chanel