While we were visiting family in Utah, my mom and aunt teamed up to throw a baby shower for me and Acacia. I never had one when I was pregnant because I was so uncomfortable and antisocial towards the end. And after giving birth, I had so many complications that I never felt like having one either so the idea eventually left my mind. It was really sweet of them to plan one for us! Acacia loved meeting her great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles…and everyone went nuts over her. I don’t think she was put down the entire time!
We received some incredible presents from everyone, including some handmade bibs with adorable crochet stitching, tons of clothes, and money to buy Acacia a high chair! It was all so thoughtful and I couldn’t be more grateful of my family!! 

I have to give a giant shoutout to my cousin, Sharen, who is a cake BOSS and made the most incredible boho-themed cake and cookie set for the shower. It was all seriously so amazing that I didn’t want to eat it…I just wanted to preserve it somehow and put it in Acacia’s room forever. If you’re in the SLC area and are looking for some killer baking skills then you need to contact my cousin!!


Safe Travels, xx