When you’re not at the beach, what else is there to do in Malibu besides walk along the boardwalk and enjoy some fresh seafood? We really wanted to eat at the cute cafe on the end of Malibu pier but it was under construction. So instead we hung out for a bit, watched people fish, and took some cute photos before heading across the street to grab some fish and chips at a little restaurant below a surf shack. 

Side note: I never realized how much fun it was going to be dressing Acacia, but I love it! I’m a sucker for rufflebutts and those big bows in case you haven’t already noticed. I know that one day real soon she’s going to have her own personality and style, which means I’m going to enjoy dressing her as much as I can right now! 😉

Outfit Details:

Dress: Spell Designs

Shoes: JustFab

Sunglasses: Radfish Malibu

Baby Onesie: Spell Designs

Shirt (His): RVCA