Dustin watched Acacia for the day so I could go out with a couple of friends to trek around the desert and take photos.┬áIt was much needed since I hadn’t been hiking in probably 6 months or longer and have been feeling anxious from being cooped up in the house. Getting outside and away from the city for a while was such a breath of fresh air (literally). The whole desert was engulfed with lush greenery and blooming flowers. We explored abandoned buildings and trailers that were scattered across the area and drove into the mountains to marvel over the beautiful river and endless canyons. It’s hard juggling being a mom, a relationship, friends, school, and my art, all while still finding time to do things I love like hiking. However, as I slowly but surely get the hang of this new, hectic, lifestyle I hope to make more time for nature in all her transformative and healing forms.


xx, Chanel