I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember.

I used to take disposable cameras with me to elementary school so I could take photos of my friends and was always so excited to get them developed. In high school I enrolled in my first photography class and was entered into my first exhibit…after that there was no turning back. I’ve been studying visual arts with an emphasis on photography at Boise State University for about 3 years now. To help sustain myself financially as an artist while going to school full time, I’ve been shooting portraits and wedding photos for about 4 years.

After all that time, I finally got around to creating and launching my artist website! You can go check out more of my travel photography, portraits, instant film, and collage work. I’ve also started selling prints of my work, along with stickers too! Eventually I’d like to start printing my art on t-shirts, tapestries, and add some of my original work to the shop. So be sure to stay tuned!

I’m also booking new sessions for 2017 and willing to negotiate travel. So, if you are in need of a photographer for any event then visit my contact page for booking and other inquiries.

Head over to my new website and tell me what you think!

xx, Chanel