As I enter into what might be my last week (or days) of pregnancy, I can feel my body preparing for labor. A combination of tightening, cramping, and the uncomfortable sensation that I’m either going to pee my pants or that the baby is going to punch her way out of me.

This pregnancy has taught me a lot of things about myself. It’s been a truly humbling experience through and through – for my body and mind. I’ve experienced relentless discomfort and pain that, in the moment, felt like would be the end of me…only to triumph through it and realize how strong I really am if I just simply allow myself to be. My entire self-image has done a complete 360 as I’ve whitnessed my body morph itself into a vessel 3x its normal size in order to house not one, but two souls inside of it. Sometimes I’m in awe of this incredible transformation, while most times I selfishly dread the marks left on my skin and the thought that my body will never be the same again. I’ve gained a new form of respect for my own mom and all other women who have gone through this transformative process before me. I now believe that pregnancy is the ultimate expression of true feminine power. And though I’ll never be able to prepare myself for it mentally, I know that the most painful part is still yet to come…only to bring me the most life-changing moment I will ever experience and a true understanding of what unconditional love means.

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

I can’t even imagine the tiny feet that will fill these shoes. I’m excited to meet you, little one. I’m excited to show you the world and watch you grow into the person you’re meant to be – whoever that person is.

xx, Chanel