Nursery Wall Art

I cannot believe how fast my pregnancy has flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was looking at the pregnancy test in shock and awe. I’m so excited and nervous! There is less than two weeks until my due date and I could pop any day now! It really hit me how fast things are moving when we set up the crib and nursery this week. I loved watching Dustin set his up daughter’s crib and helping him paint the wall pink while the dogs watched curiously from the baby activity mat.

Setting Up Crib

Pottery Barn Crib

Whimsical Crib

Butterfly Pillow

Baby Nursery

Nursery Mirror

I wanted a whimsical boho-chic room with lots of blushy pinks and hints of gold, baby blue, and mint green thrown in the mix. The adorable crib, bedding, and canopy are from Pottery Barn Kids. We found most of the wall decor at Hobby Lobby. They have a huge selection of children’s decor right now that fits my vision perfectly and for a good price too. I love the sentimental touches that we added – like my old tea set in the corner of the room and the lyrics to “You Are My Sunshine” on the wall, which my mom used to sing to me and my brother all the time when we were little. We’re still waiting on the matching changing table to arrive and there are some things I’d like to add over time, like a little teepee to play in and some bookshelves, but ultimately I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out!

xx, Chanel