Washington D.C. has been under the spotlight lately due to the controversial transition of power in our government. I’ve been in a state of shock/mourning along with half of the country and the rest of the world. I definitely have some heavy opinions on the topic…but rather than doing what would probably be the millionth politically charged blog post on the internet right now, I’m going to keep my opinions to myself and talk about something we all can agree on. FOOD.  Food is good. And D.C. has some amazing places to eat!

During our latest travels to Washington D.C. we didn’t go a single day eating something that we felt was just “okay“. We tried to steer away from chain restaurants that could be found in our hometown or other cities we travel to. By the end of our trip there were a couple of places in the neighborhood that became our favorites and we ate at more than once. So, I wanted to make a little travel vlog for you guys talking about my Top 5 Favorite Place to Eat in Washington D.C.

The beginning of the video features me unboxing a gift that was sent to me from Modern Map Art, featuring one of their maps of Washington D.C.
They make really sleek looking maps of all sorts of cities and mountain trails. I can’t wait to hang the map up on my wall and start adding more of my favorite cities – I’m thinking Malibu, NYC, Bangkok, and Sedona are next on my list!

Safe Travels, xx