I’m writing this from inside our hotel room in A.K.A White House, which is literally 2 blocks away from the actual white house. This is my third time visiting our nation’s capitol – you can read about my month long stay in the city here – but it’s Dustin’s first time visiting anywhere on the East coast, so it has been really exciting showing him all the monuments, museums, and all around different vibes Washington D.C. has compared to the Northwest.
We came out to visit my dad while he is working here. But during the week, he’s mostly busy at the office so Dustin and I have mostly spent been museum hopping. From the National Gallery of Art, to the Natural History Museum, the U.S. Botanic Garden, to the American History Museum, National Geographic Headquarters, to the Native American Museum, and the Holocaust Museum. There is so much to see and learn about, you could probably spend and entire day browsing through one museum at a time. All three of us did manage to get tickets to an NHL game which absolutely made Dustin’s whole week. Capitals vs. Canucks, Capitals won 3-0!
We’ve also been enjoying the incredible food here! One of my favorite restaurants in the entire world is in D.C. – Founding Farmers. We made it a goal to eat somewhere new everyday but we’ve definitely found our favorites in the neighborhood and I’ll be posting a vlog about our top five favorite places to eat in D.C. when we get back home!

Safe Travels, xx