Today marks week 29 of my pregnancy! We’ll be meeting our baby girl for the first time soon and it’s such a surreal feeling. I can’t even begin to envision what that moment will be like, but everyone keeps telling me that it will be completely life changing. Sometimes I feel infinitely beautiful knowing that my body is creating and carrying a new life. But a lot of my pregnancy has been far from glamorous and many days I feel like never leaving my room and just sleeping all day.
If you are like me, you basically live in leggings and whichever old clothes will accommodate your growing belly. But recently I discovered PINKBLUSH, which has the cutest maternity clothes ever! I was specifically interested in their maternity robes. With my delivery coming  sooner than I can wrap my head around, I need to start planning for the hospital trip. I must confess that I absolutely hate the hospital gowns that I see in most delivery photos…so when I saw that PINKBLUSH offers beautiful alternatives to delivery robes, I immediately knew that I had to have one! When we’re sweaty and exhausted from labor, we don’t need to feel even more hideous than we already do thanks to the frumpy hospital gowns they give us. PINKBLUSH robes are flowy, lightweight, and ultra comfortable. They come in vibrant solid colors, dreamy floral prints, and some even have pretty lace trim. I personally chose the Mauve Floral Delivery/Nursing Robe because I love black and floral together.

I have exciting news for all you soon-to-be mamas out there. I’ve teamed up with PINKBLUSH to bring you a GIVEAWAY! We are offering the winner a 75$ gift card so you can buy your own stylish delivery robe or stock up on cute maternity clothes for you and your growing bump. To enter you must do two things:
1. Follow ME and PINKBLUSH on Instagram – @chanel.abrianna & @shoppinkblush
2. Comment your name and tag 2 other friends on my latest post of me wearing their beautiful Mauve Floral Robe.
I will choose and contact the winner on Instagram next Tuesday, December 20th.

*Thanks to PinkBlush for sponsoring this post!