This post is about a year overdue, but better late than never.
Last year, the day after Christmas, my family packed up our bags and headed to Long Beach, CA to meet my dad’s extended family for a little holiday reunion. Normally our reunions are held at a cabin in Utah, but this year we gathered everyone together for a cruise! We travelled on Carnival Inspiration and chose to do a short 4 day cruise destined for Ensenada, Mexico. This was also my first cruise ever, so I was really excited but at the same time intimidated by the thought of miles and miles of ocean beneath my feet.
The first day, we stopped at Catalina Island to enjoy the beautiful little town and all the local shops it offers. Every Californian knows that Catalina Island is only about an hour ferry ride from shore. In order to make the trip seem longer, they literally sail in circles for hours before docking just outside the island. This gave me a horrible case of sea-sickness and I had to lay down for quite a while before I was adjusted.
After a day on the island, our ship set sail for south of the boarder. We arrived in Ensenada early the next day and my family (who prefers to sleep in) got separated from the rest of our enormous extended family. So we just spent the day with each other instead, which we weren’t too upset about because it ended up being a fantastic time! We hung out at La Bufedora market drinking Coronas with lime & pineapple margaritas, making friends & taking shots of tequila with the shop owners, and enjoying the most incredible homemade tacos to ever grace my tastebuds – seriously, I still daydream about eating those tacos! I bought a cute falsa blanket and a poncho from the market, while my brother bought himself a 49ers poncho and a new bong…which he managed to get onto the cruise ship without any trouble.
The last night of our cruise was New Year’s Eve. As we sailed back to California, the entire ship rang in the new year and partied until the early morning! They had a balloon drop at midnight, events in multiple parts of the ship, free champagne, and dancing everywhere. It was seriously a blast! The only downside to our endless night of partying was that we had to leave the ship – I shit you not – at 6 a.m. the next morning. I sluggishly packed my bags and left the ship with one of the worst hangovers as a reminder of one of the best New Years’ to date.
Carnival Cruise was so accommodating. With free food and drinks in the cafeteria almost all night, I ate enough pizza to last a lifetime. They had lots of activities for all ages, performances every night, and awesome excursion packages…you definitely get what you pay for and I’d be happy going through them again for any future cruises we plan!

Safe Travels, xx