October 14th was a rainy Friday morning, as I sat in the waiting room of the Women’s Clinic eagerly anticipating them to call my name. It was the day of my 20 week ultrasound and the day we were finally able to out the gender of our child.

I had spent the last 4 months going back and forth between whether it was a boy or girl. I didn’t have any premonitions or intense feelings of “just knowing” like many moms claim to have and to be honest it was really beginning to frustrate me. One night I would have a dream that I was holding my little boy, the next night I would dream of dressing up my baby girl, then the next dream I’d have twins, while the next night I’d give birth to a litter of puppies. My mom even went crazy and bought a bunch of boy and girl clothes because she couldn’t wait and decided she would just take half of them back when we found out the gender.

They finally called me and Dustin back to the ultrasound room, where they laid me down and squeezed warm gel onto my little baby bump. Immediately we could see our child on the screen, curled up in a little ball. My favorite part of all my doctor’s visits. It makes my heart sing when I see my baby on that screen. The technician went through routine developmental checks – like finding a normal, strong heartbeat and all the other cues of a healthy growing baby. But when it came time for the gender, our ultrasound technician was getting frustrated…the baby was breeched and curled up into a little ball with the feet covering the exact spot we needed to see!

She told us that she wasn’t sure we would be able to find out the gender this time…and my heart sank. I started to tear up I was so disappointed. She decided to give me an extra 10 minutes to try and wake the baby up and get some movement going in there. I got up and did some jumping jacks, drank cold water, and finally played some Beethoven as loud as I could next to my belly in an attempt to wake the baby. It worked like a charm. The baby was stretched out, kicking up a storm. Our technician was immediately able to tell us the gender.

Our baby…is a girl! I was so relieved that we finally knew the gender and would have been happy with either a boy or a girl, since I eventually would like one of each. I was full of euphoria, mostly from the mystery finally being revealed!




We knew that we had wanted to throw a gender reveal party to surprise our friends and family. And we knew that we wanted it to be wildly inappropriate and a full on party – so fitting for mine and Dustin’s personalities. We went to Zurchers to get blue and pink themed decorations and decked the house out in baby/sex related content.

I set out blue and pink Mardi Gras beads with retro glasses that read “Team Boy” or “Team Girl” and made all the guests pick a side when they arrived. They also wrote their guess/comments on a matt board I had set out with a picture of the ultrasound inside. Pink and blue colored condoms and “baby making potion” (mini-shots of alcohol) were our party favors. We had a beer pong table set up with pink and blue solo cups and we challenged our friends to a baby bottle beer chugging contest. Even though I can’t drink, I still wanted everyone else to have a blast and that they did…by the end of the night I’m pretty sure my dad and I were the only sober ones in the house. My mom and Dustin being the most intoxicated of the bunch. 😉

We revealed the gender once everyone had arrived by filling a traditional piñata with an assortment of pink candy and confetti, then we let the guests have at it. In hindsight, it was definitely not a good idea letting my brother’s athlete friends be the first to swing because they pretty much broke it on the first try! My mom and especially dad were thrilled to find out it was a girl. My dad was positive it was a girl since the beginning of my pregnancy and my brother already knew because Dustin spilled the beans to him the night before out of sheer excitement.

I’m so glad we got to celebrate with all my friends and family. My dad flew in from Bangkok/Washington DC and our best friend Dylan came to visit from Oregon. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system or a better gender reveal party!






Safe Travels & Party On, xx