Nestled deep inside a canyon along the famous Salmon River is the small town of Riggins, Idaho. Once known as “Gouge Eye”, It was named by the local miners who came to the area in search of gold, after a gruesome fight broke out at a saloon and a man lost his eye.

Riggins is famous not only for its pristine landscape but also for hunting, sturgeon fishing, and whitewater rafting. Close by lies one of North America’s largest gorges known as Hells Canyon, featuring the stunningly daunting Seven Devils Mountain Range. People travel to this small town from all over the country just to experience the outdoor recreation and beautiful scenery it has to offer.

My boyfriend has family in Riggins, so I’ve had the opportunity to visit multiple times. It’s definitely an everybody-knows-everybody kind of town. Let’s just say that the first time my boyfriend introduced me to the family, we spent the evening at a quaint little bar, drinking and chowing down on some of the best pizza I’ve ever had…and I ended up having a little too much to drink. The next day, half of the town had heard about how I gracefully knocked a barstool over and threw up in the bathroom all night. What a lovely first impression, Chanel.

Our latest trip to Riggins was the best one yet. We spent an entire day whitewater rafting and swimming in the Salmon River. The next day we drove up the mountain to Seven Devils so we could hike around and enjoy lunch in the bed of a pickup overlooking the entire valley. Later that evening, we took flashlights down to the river to look for garnets. In one area known as “Ruby Rapids”, they were literally falling off of the giant basalt boulders that were scattered along the riverbank. My pockets were overflowing with the tiny, maroon gemstones that I dug out of the dirt all on my own – I left one happy lady that night. It was definitely a weekend for the books.





Safe Travels, xx