Growing up in Idaho was exceedingly boring. I was raised in the suburbs and It wasn’t until I graduated high school and moved to Boise to start college that I began to realize everything I took for granted when I was younger.
Idaho has a strong presence of wilderness and some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever laid eyes on. You can drive an hour or so from Boise in any direction and either be in the middle of the mountains, rolling fields, or endless deserts filled with ancient lava flows and some of North America’s tallest sand dunes.

Hiking has become one of my favorite hobbies. I’m nowhere near an advanced hiker and I have yet to go on a backpacking trip like I’ve always dreamed of doing. But lucky for me, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to retreat to the mountains for a quick hiking day-trip and I try to do so as much as possible.

One of my favorite spots is Blue Lake, located about 2 hours away from Boise. It’s classified as an easy trail, making it perfect for beginners or families with young kids. A mile hike down the mountain side, surrounded by colorful wildflowers and lush greenery, eventually leads you to a pristine alpine lake. The trail offers easy lake access and is a fantastic place to fish – they bite like crazy in the evening. The trail circles the entire lake, making up a total of 3 miles when finished. There are also secluded camp spots scattered throughout the area. It’s seriously a slice of paradise. The lake is deep and crystal clear, making it an ideal place to cool off after the hike down. It’s not uncommon to see people jumping off the small cliffs located alongside the water.

One afternoon, my boyfriend and I hiked down to enjoy a picnic. When we arrived we quickly realized that no one else was there…no fishermen, no campers, no hikers. We were completely alone in the middle of the mountains with the entire lake to ourselves.
So what does one do when that happens? You strip naked and go skinny dipping of course. We ran around nude, cooled off in the lake, then enjoyed our picnic as we watched the sun set beneath the trees. Best. Day. Ever.

Oliver wanted his bum in the photo too!

It was probably my most memorable hiking experience to date. I felt so carefree!
If you’re ever alone in the wild like we found ourselves that day, I encourage you to let go of your ego. Strip down to your skin, push the boundaries of society, and embrace your body the way it was created! In nature, you are nature. So, surrender to the beauty around you and liberate yourself.


Safe Travels, xx