“Pussy ping pong?” “You want pussy ping pong?” These questions still ring in my ears.
As I entered Khao San Road, I was bombarded by men standing around holding signs soliciting “performance acts” one would only see in the craziest porno that you may or may not ever want to watch. Unimaginable things were listed like pussy ping pong, pussy light cigarette, and pussy open soda can.
At first I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of these women doing such things. But I wasn’t exactly surprised by it either. Weird encounters and sights like this becomes the norm when you’ve lived in Bangkok for a while and it’s one of the many attributes that makes this city so (in)famous. It’s just something you should expect to stumble upon at some point during your visit and always makes your night a little more interesting. I always try to remind myself, you’ll never see that on the streets back home (thank god).

Photo Apr 18, 9 34 28 AM

Khao San Road is lined with stands selling clothes, street carts offering delicious Thai food and not-so-appealing fried insects. After a long night of drinking, a few of us ended up gaining the courage to try fried scorpion. They taste like extra salty chicken but I was definitely not a fan of those crunchy, little legs.

Flashing neon lights from bars and clubs line the entire street. By 10 ‘o clock on a Friday night, it’s absolute madness. There are people of all ages, from 8 years old to 80 years old trying to persuade you to buy their handmade bracelets that say an assortment of dirty phrases on them – I ended up getting “I love bang cock” “I love ladyboy” and “I love jizz salad” (I was extremely intoxicated when I bought them).
There is a night club around the corner from the bar we like to sit at that has a cover charge of 300 baht, if I remember correctly. Like clockwork, every night around 11 people start to gather in the street outside of the nightclub and create a party of their own. Dancing, sipping on buckets of alcohol, smoking banana leaf cigars, meeting new people from all over the world – this is what made me fall in love with Khao San. I was the girl in the blue tie-dye skirt, hair dripping wet with sweat, dancing her drunk little ass off in the middle of the street by herself. With no regrets.

We did end up buying tickets to the club one night.
It was a really cool inside but the drinks were more expensive and I preferred the dance party outside, so I mostly used the club as a way to cool off from the humidity and heat when I needed to.

One thing I learned while partying in Khao San…don’t trust the Thai people. It seems contradictory since you’re visiting Thailand, and it might just be from personal experience, but I learned the hard way. Just meet other foreigners while you’re there, unless you already have local friends that you trust. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more when some Thai person isn’t trying to steal your phone (true story), lure you into an alley way to sell you coke (also true story), or just try to exploit the fact that you’re a foreigner and rip you off.
I was there with my friends from the Philippines who have lived in Bangkok for years and they warned me ahead of time of scammers and thieves. But one of my first nights partying there, I made friends with a Thai girl. We all talked and danced together for a while, until I noticed she started following us around like a puppy dog. At one point, she came up to me saying someone stole her phone and needed to look in my purse to see if I had it. My friend’s demeanor immediately changed and he got really mad, yelling at her to leave and go tell the police if she thinks her phone was stolen. Minutes later she brings a police officer over to me, trying to persuade him to let her look in my bag for her phone. Luckily, my friends speak Thai and was able to smooth the situation over. The cops deal with scammers like this all the time, so he ended the situation immediately and that girl didn’t bug me for the rest of the night.

Don’t let that story throw you off, I love Khao San. I even bought a shirt that says so. I went to Khao San probably a good 7 or 8 times during my visit because I just couldn’t get enough. I never visited during the day but I know that there are little shops all over, places to get Thai massages, tattoo parlors, and restaurants. It seems like a nice place to spend the day before a long night of partying.
If you’re going to Bangkok to have a good time and experience the nightlife, then Khao San is a must. Stumbling back to our place at 4 a.m. and waking up the next day hungover, reminiscing with everyone over a greasy breakfast about what exactly happened the night before are some of my favorite memories from this trip.


Safe Travels, xx