I started The Bohemian Lifestyle when my family and I first moved to Thailand together. TBL was my outlet for preserving the memories we made during that time, while simultaneously sharing our experiences with fellow wanderers. Now here I am, three years later, still sharing my adventures with you guys – just a little less frequently now that I’m going to school full time. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally returning to the place that started it all…In less than 5 days, my family and I will be traveling halfway around the world to spend the next six weeks in Thailand!!

In honor of all you spring breakers out there and our upcoming trip to tropical paradise, I’ve teamed up with HomeAway to share some of my favorite beach essentials!
HomeAway is one of the world’s leading vacation rental websites, offering a user friendly way for people to book rental properties in over 190 countries. They have properties for rent in top destinations like Destin and Cabo San Lucas. Their website also allows owners to list rentals and manage their bookings directly through them. HomeAway definitely comes in handy for travelers who don’t want to spend time in traditional hotels, surrounded by hundreds of other guests. I haven’t personally used their website for booking, but I’ve heard positive things from people who have.

  • Swimsuits (duhh) – I just bought a couple new pairs from Roxy and Victoria’s Secret for the occasion!
  • My Camera Gear – I’m a Nikon girl through and through. I couldn’t go anywhere important without my GoPro to capture the action. And you should all know by now that I have obsession with Polaroids and The Impossible Project.
  • Sunscreen – an obvious necessity for a beach getaway. I prefer natural alternatives like Coconut Oil, although it needs to be applied more often than commercial brands do.
  • Snacks and Beverages – Fresh fruit, water, some ice cold beer, and mixed drinks should do the trick.
  • Sunglasses – Either my favorite pair of Ray-bans or my Woodies. I love them both!


So, when you’re prepping for your next getaway, be sure to stop by HomeAway and check out the rentals listed. They just might have the prefect place for you to stay during your endeavors!
Have a happy and safe Spring Break, everyone!