When I was approached by Modani, a modern furniture store, asking me to design a living room using furniture from their website I was a little hesitant at first because I wouldn’t necessarily consider my decorating style as “Modern”. As a young college student living on a tight budget, I design my apartment using hand-me-downs from my parents and thrifted items, so an elegant, modern look has never even crossed my mind before. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to create a bohemian-esque living room using almost entirely Modani furniture. I guess that’s the great thing about boho – it’s eclectic, so the possibilities are infinte! You can mix and match different styles of furniture together to get your desired boho look. Everything in the photo I put together below is from Modani except for the plants, candles, and Amethyst geode which were all found on Google Images.
I don’t know about you guys, but I really love how this living space turned out…It has a very zen-like feeling to it. I just want to light some candles & incense, sit down on the couch, and meditate…or watch Netflix. Either works for me.
The elegant Saut de L’ange sculpture, the white Serenity Statue, and both the wooden Candle Stand & Coffee Table are my favorite pieces from their store! The colorful pouf is a pretty damn cute addition too; I’ve always wanted a similar pair to place around my coffee table. I really enjoyed putting this room together, as it challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. I really appreciate the results and inspiration that I gained in the process. What about all of my readers? Is your home modern and sleek like Modani or rustic and eclectic like mine?