During my recent trip to Washington DC, I spent two days in a row inside the National Gallery Of Art admiring the breathtaking paintings, sculptures, and their classical furniture exhibit. The first time I went was on a Wednesday around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. To my pleasant surprise there were very few people in the entire building! Being almost completely alone, surrounded by 16th and 17th century masterpieces was a mesmerizing experience for me. I was able to get really up close and personal; I could feel the history and emotion vibrating off the paintings. I’ve been to art museums before but never one with as many famous works of art, from legends such as Van Gogh and Degas. Rather than taking close-up photographs of the artwork I wanted to capture the entire room, to convey the same feelings I felt inside the museum that day and give the viewer an interesting sense of space. I was also very interested in the repetition of the hallways, which is displayed in my work.

The next day I arrived a lot earlier, around noon, and my experience was the exact opposite…I was surrounded by what felt like hundreds of people, all pushing through each other and crowding around to take selfies next to Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait. If you ever find yourself virtually alone inside the National Gallery of Art, please bask in the peace and quiet and take your sweet time to be sure you truly admire and appreciate each irreplaceable work of art.