Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!
But today I have a super fun collab that I’m stoked to share with you guys!

One Tribe Apparel is a brand founded by a group of wandering souls who met in a place very near and dear to my heart – Thailand. The gang behind One Tribe Apparel met in the community of Pai, located in the Northern region of the country. They describe it as a “hippie and bohemian destination…drawing thousands of gypsies and travelers from around the world”. One night they were hanging out and noticed that they were all wearing Thai Harem Pants, which are commonly seen being worn by both men and women all over Thailand. It was in that moment that they all decided to introduce the famous Thai Bamboo Harem Pants to the western culture, thus One Tribe Apparel was born.

I was honored to represent the Tribe, by doing a review on a pair of their Peacock Harem Pants in Navy Blue.
I absolutely love these pants! They take me back to warm nights in Bangkok, lounging on our balcony while enjoying a bowl of my favorite mango sticky rice. They’re perfect for lazy days, sleeping, or yoga.
The peacock pattern is so beautiful and unique to any other Harem pants that I had seen while living in Thailand. And yes, they are as comfy as they look. I’ll definitely be lounging around the house a lot in them during the approaching chilly winter months.
Right now One Tribe Apparel is hosting a 50$ giveaway! You can enter on their website now, and then on Black Friday FIVE lucky winners will be chosen to receive a gift certificate to their store. This is an awesome deal, so take advantage of it and enter now!