Summer 2014 has officially ended, school is in session, and I’ve spent the last two weeks getting adjusted to my new schedule and early mornings. I like most of my classes so far and I’m finally taking my first photography class, which I’m stoked about!
We did manage to get away for a day of hiking last weekend. Joey, Oliver (of course), our friends Dylan and Courtney, and I drove across the border of Idaho to our neighboring state of Oregon, so we could visit Succor Creek State Park. As you drive through the dry desert of southern Oregon, suddenly without warning you arrive at a giant canyon with a small river flowing through it. The area is teeming with wildlife. Green foliage grows lush and dense along the water, making Succor Creek feel like a true desert oasis. The canyon is dotted with caves left over from old mines just begging to be explored. The few caves we did look through that day were completely filled to the brim with sparkly thunder-eggs and Agates. The geology and overall scenery of the park is absolutely beautiful. They also have a ton of room for camping in the area! We’re itching to go back and camp some weekend before it gets too cold! The people we did see camping in the park had their ATVs and Motor Bikes with them, so don’t forget to bring yours if you visit – there are trails everywhere!
Succor Creek is truly a hidden gem of Oregon that you need to check out if you’re ever in the area.