Over the weekend we visited Stanley, ID, to camp for a night underneath the Sawtooth Mountains by Redfish Lake. It’s a place of immeasurable natural beauty. I was super excited to see the Sawtooth Mountains for the first time, and they look just as mean and rugged as they sound! The jagged mountain peaks tower above vast meadows and the crystal clear waters of Redfish Lake. I’d love to go back sometime in the near future to hike one of the mountain’s many trails.
Redfish Lake is pretty commercialized nowadays and camp spots are in high demand, so you have to reserve most of their campgrounds ahead of time. But once you lay eyes on the turquoise blue lakes beneath the razor sharp Sawtooths, you’ll understand what the fuss is all about. If you’re not into paying for your campsites the whole Sawtooth National Forest area has free, first come first serve, campgrounds all over the place. Since we weren’t up there for long, we spent the majority of our day at Redfish Lake and took a short nature walk along part of the Redfish Lake Trailhead (a 13 mile trail loop around the Sawtooths).