I was recently asked to collab with the company Chairish, by designing my ideal kitchen bar featuring some of their home decor. First of all, I absolutely adore their store – they have a lot of beautiful vintage pieces, and they also give you the option of selling your own unique furniture through their site! Chairish has almost everything you could ever ask for when it comes to decorating your home and they include a wide range of styles, so anyone can shop there and find something that resonates with their own personal taste. This is very ideal for someone like me, who is so eclectic.

My ideal dream home would be a cabin with a very rustic, boho vibe to it. Either somewhere in the mountains or along the beautiful red-rock cliffs of Sedona. Below is my attempt at designing a kitchen bar that would live up to my dream home description. Everything you see was found at Chairish.

1. Moroccan Cactus Silk Rug in Blue
2. Vintage Noritake Amethyst Goblets – Set of 4
3. Mid-Century Royal Blue Astrological Ashtray
4. Mid-Century Bitossi Large Rimini Blue Bowl
5. Mason Jar Pendant Lights – Set of 3
6. Agate Coasters With Gold Rims – Set of 4
7. Bar Stools – Set of 4
8. Bronze & Black Feather Wall Hanging
9. Mid-Century Nut Bowl and Nutcracker
10. Contemporary Buddha Statue with Gilt Finish
11. Brilliant Amethyst Quartz Crystal
12. Prohibition Themed Shot Glasses – Set of 4

The following photos are my ultimate inspiration for a kitchen/bar. I love the dark, rich, tones with vibrant splashes of color. And lots of wood – wood floors, wooden cabinets, high wooden beams, and of course lots of natural light for growing plants and herbs indoors to give the place a more earthy feel. I think everything I picked out from Chairish would look awesome in a kitchen similar to these. (All the photos below were found on Pinterest)

(I’m in love with the “Street Hues” & “Spiced Palette” color palettes from Seeds! I think they would look great in any kitchen.)