I’m so ready for summer break to start; we have a lot of fun trips planned, starting with one to California in about 2 weeks!
On a side note, I recently bought a map of all the ghost towns in Idaho so that when we are in town this summer we will have endless opportunities to explore, camp, hike, and do a little rockhounding too. This past weekend Joey, little Oliver, and I checked our first ghost town off the list – Pioneerville. We spent the weekend camping just down the road from the town and the area was nice and secluded. The only people who drove past us were a few miners out there searching the creek for gold.

In 1862, miners traveling from Washington established Pioneerville, along with a couple other mining towns in the area – all of which were the first establishments  in the Boise Basin. It was once home to about 2 thousand people and overall the area produced around 25,000 ounces of gold. The town rightfully earned the nickname “Hogem”, as the ores quickly ran dry and the city was eventually abandoned. Now, all that is left are a few rickety, old, buildings.
If you’re planning on visiting, keep in mind that entering the buildings is prohibited and there’s usually a caretaker on the land to monitor everything. Overall they’re really cool buildings to visit, even if you can’t go inside.

Pioneervillehdr- Google Maps  |   HUF PlantLife Socks