Hannah Adamaszek (also known as Hannah Chloe), is an extremely talented artist based in the UK. Her use of lines and movement, combined with splashes of color, create captivating portraits of women leaving the viewer mesmerized. Not only does her art have a very free-spirited, bohemian-esque vibe to it, but I’m also obsessed with anything and everything Native American…So, it should go without saying that I’m utterly and completely in love with all of Hannah’s work!
She was kind enough to do a quick interview that I’m super excited to share with you all today. Enjoy!
What influenced you to become an artist and when?
I’ve always loved drawing since I can remember. My Dad was always painting landscapes or doing pencil drawings of Native American Indians so its something that I’ve always been surrounded by. I really started taking the possibility of being an artist more seriously when I started to sell work and join galleries that I was dreaming I would be a part of. Since then I haven’t stopped.

I love the way you combine different colors and forms of movement into your art, Is there a particular artist that has inspired your style of work?
There are so many artists I love. I’ve really been influenced by a lot of street artists like Anthony Lister, Conor Harrington and TwoOne who have also done work for the gallery space too. I’m a big fan of Francis Bacon and Toulouse Lautrec, how they use the paint and draw lines is amazing. Its always great for me to see paintings in real life because I can really see the textures and mediums that they have used.
What is your favorite painting that you’ve ever done?
Its really hard to pick a favourite one. At the moment, I’m liking the Midsummer Storm painting. I’ve been inspired by the amethyst and turquoise colours used by My Soul Makes in some recent photoshoots. This one has a strong pose too with a nice amount of watery paint.
Do you prefer doing street-art or painting on a canvas?
I like both, but working in the streets allows me to paint bigger than I can at home. Painting on a really large scale really tests me and pushes me to develop more as an artist. Its also a bit freer, the only person I have to please with it is myself.
What is the biggest challenge you face when starting a new painting?
Starting a new one is the hardest part, mainly because I want it to be better than the one I created before. I’ve always struggled with colour, and only over the last 2-3 years have started using it (I used to just paint black and white or purple and white). Collaborating with abstract artist Kristin Gaudio Endsley has really taught me how to best use colour. Its still a challenge but I love it the more and more that I paint.
What is your goal as an artist?
I want to create work that I love, so I guess that is my goal. Its an amazing feeling when other people can relate to my work.
Visit Hannah’s website to see more of her beautiful work and if you’re interested in purchasing one of her paintings or mini-prints!
Hannah is also the co-author of a vibrant blog called Well Why Don’t You…?, which interviews and features various artists from all different genres of art. It’s full of nothing but inspiration and raw talent; I definitely recommend checking it out – especially all of you aspiring artists out there.