There are over 31,000 temples (wats) scattered throughout Thailand. And Wat Arun, otherwise known as the “Temple of the Dawn“, is a must see. The temple’s name is derived from the Hindu god Aruna, God of Dawn. I love this temple for it’s intricate details –  it is adorned with sea shells and porcelain from top to bottom. Wat Arun is located along side the Chao Phraya River and can be accessed by taxi or by boat. I enjoy taking a boat to the temple, not only will it take less time but you also see a lot of sights along the way. I recommend visiting in the evening because the temple sparkles in the setting sun and at night it’s all beautifully lit up.
If you want, you can also make the steep climb to the top of the temple and watch the sunset over Bangkok. And while you’re there, you might as well take a walk through the grounds of the ordination hall right next door.
For all you ladies out there, I suggest wearing a maxi skirt or leggings when visiting this temple because they have a dress code, out of respect, and won’t allow you to enter if you aren’t wearing the proper attire. But in case you forget, you can usually rent a skirt from the person at the front gate for about 40 baht.


Wat Arun is also just a boat ride away from other attractions worth visiting like Wat Pho – home to the Reclining Buddha, and Chinatown! One day we bought a pass for the ferry and made a whole day out of it – not only did we visit Wat Arun but we stopped at every other pier the ferry stops at to explore the area along the way!