Winter is creeping closer and closer. The warm summer nights are cooling down and for the past few days we’ve had nothing but rain around here. I’ve even noticed some of the leaves starting to change colors already. Winters in Boise are brutal…at least for someone like me who prefers the sunshine and scorching heat. It’s making me wish I was back in the humidity of Bangkok or lounging on the beach somewhere in California…

California is an important place to me and my family. I lived in Agoura Hills until I was about 5 years old, while my dad got his Law degree at Pepperdine University. I was a child model for Ford Models, while my mom chased her acting dreams. She managed to land a few roles, one of them being a tiny role on the show Days of Our Lives. When my mom became pregnant with my younger brother, London, we decided to slow things down a bit and move to Utah so we would be closer to family.
For the last 10 years, my dad has been asked to teach mediation summer classes at Pepperdine’s School of Law. So every summer since I was about 12 years old, my family takes a road trip down to CA to stay in Malibu for a week. We chill on the beach, shop, and eat at our favorite restaurants everyday – turning our old stomping grounds into a traditional family vacation spot.