This past year my life has done a complete 360. It’s not everyday a girl from a small town in Idaho moves to Bangkok, Thailand – a city of about 10 million!

I was finishing up my last year of high school when we received news that my dad landed a job in Thailand. My parents made the decision to keep our house in Idaho so we could live there for part of the year and spend the other half in Bangkok. That way my younger brother would have the opportunity to experience high school with the friends he grew up with, while pursuing his passion for football. My dad would come visit us as often as he could, and then once football season ended we would all go live with him in Bangkok until summer started.

The last couple months before moving was difficult for me. I was having a lot of anxiety about the long flight ahead, I guess you could say flying is a phobia of mine. I decided to spend my final couple of weeks in California with my boyfriend and his family, since it would be a while before we were together again.


On Valentine’s day, of all days, I said goodbye to my boyfriend at the time and flew out of San Francisco to meet my mom and brother in Boise. Then we embarked on our new journey halfway around the world to our new home.
Finally, after about 20 hours of traveling, we landed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

My family and I spent the next four months exploring temples, experimenting with new food, indulging in BKK’s fabulous shopping, and experiencing a fascinating new culture together. My boyfriend came to stay with us for the last two months, until it was time to go back to America and dive into college again. We took on that enormous city all by ourselves and made memories that will last a lifetime.


Our last month in Thailand was well spent, eating at our favorite restaurants and street vendors, hanging out at the malls and the weekend market, and lounging by our pool. We had plans to stay in an island resort our last weekend there, but I had to go and ruin it by diving into my pool and cracking my head open…I was not intoxicated whatsoever. HA. Don’t drink and dive, kids. I had to get 28 stitches right down my forehead and I even have a “Harry Potter” scar to prove it.


Our time unfortunately ran out in Bangkok. And as I watched the sunrise from our balcony, and I ate my last bowl of mango sticky rice, I said a silent goodbye to that incredible city. It was super hard to leave, but It was a comfort knowing that I’ll be back to visit again in no time and my dad will be come out to visit us a lot.

Meridian, Idaho felt like a ghost town compared to the fast-paced, vibrant city I had just spent the last four months living in and it took me a while to transition back to the boring Idahoan life. After a couple weeks of being back home, Joey and I made the super impulsive decision to pack up our bags and our pup, Oliver, and headed to Cali-forn-i-a. We thought we wanted to go to college there. But long story, short we realized how expensive it is and that we weren’t financially ready yet, we ended up heading back to Idaho a few months after.


So now here I am, back where I started, in Boise, Idaho. My travel bug is already itching to get out of here and experience new things. But until my next adventure presents itself, I’ll be spending my time studying visual arts at BSU, hiking and camping as much as I can before the miserable Idaho winter hits, and working on my photography or whatever else gets my creativity flowing.